The "Two" Rings to Rule Them All...

April 08, 2015

Photo journey of the "Rings" painting...

These photos are a peak into the process of how custom photo-to-paintings are created.

This painting was almost all pinks and reds, with just a few peaches and greens. The canvas is 16 x 20 inches, with a 1 1/2 inch wide wrapped width. I started from top to bottom on this painting, and left out the rings for last.

The background flowers are just starting to form, while the central lily is getting dark colors added to it's shadows so it looks closest to the viewer, or foreground.

Because of there were only a few "main" colors involved with this painting (red, pink, white, brown), I was able to mix the colors right on the canvas to find the right shades. This made the process super fun for me as the painter, whereas other paintings often need to mix 20-30 distinct colors on a separate palette which takes much more time and frustration.

The entire painting is just about complete! The flowers are done, the rings are next and the green spindles coming out of the central lily are last (because they were my favorite). At this point I'm pretty worried about how the rings are going to turn out. In your brain, you know that rings are silver, but to a painter, you must look at the rings as different shades of colors, and trust that the colors you see will form rings when you are done.

Look closely! There is not a spec of grey/silver in those rings! They are formed from shapes and colors that may seem unusual to put in rings: purple, green, white, blue...They all come together to create shiny silver rings! This was one of the hardest paintings that I've had to put my training to the test of painting what I actually see (shapes and colors) instead of what I think I see (silver rings).

The final painting is complete! Because it was done in oil, the paint doesn't dry for almost a week. After that it was ready to ship out as a wedding anniversary gift!

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